Park Chan Girl - Sliced Metal Sculpture "Michael Jackson"

Artist: Park Chan Girl (Born 1974, graduated from Kyunghee University. Seoul, Korea. M.F.A., Sculpture)

Type: Sculpture

Material: Stainless steel

Date: 2011

Colleaction: Korea Art Musuem Association (Seoul, Korea)


Park Chan Girl - Sliced Metal Sculpture "Michael Jackson"

Park Chan Girl take a special view to show her understanding for this kind of sculpture, and take unique skill to describe the celebrity image to viewers. Classical activity is very easy to let us know who this is. This structure not only show the rich character shape, but also reflects an excellent sense of hierarchy. 

Sculpture can enhance the style of the space, and excellent sculpture can change the pattern of the entire environment. This is a special artistic expression method, which makes us realize that the unique charm of artworks and to a certain extent will lead the fashion trend.