Park Chan Girl - Sliced Metal Sculpture "La Source"

Artist: Park Chan Girl (Born 1974, graduated from Kyunghee University. Seoul, Korea. M.F.A., Sculpture)

Type: Sculpture

Material: Stainless steel

Date: 2011

Colleaction: Korea Art Musuem Association (Seoul, Korea)


Sliced Images La Source

Park Chan Girl - Sliced Metal Sculpture "La Source"

Generally speaking, the first impression we see when we see this kind of artwork is amazing. You can't imagine how artists thought of creating such a unique image. In particular, the beauty of the body is more unique than the artistic sense of sculpture, as if it is a real beauty. When the water comes out of the bottle, it is like dynamic. The artist uses the round tube not only for support, but also for the movement of gurgling water.

This is not the first time Park Chan Girl has made a similar work. This time the style still maintains the previous sense of hierarchy. If you have to say something different, it should more portray the character as a whole and dilute the action. She seemed to be standing there, still, she could also behave like a gentle and graceful woman in the south of the Yangtze River. Who doesn't like this kind of work? Such an artist is even more praiseworthy.