Nefertiti Bust

Type: Sculpture

Material: Mixed Material

Size: 47 CM

Weight: About 20 KG

Date: B.C. 1370

Colleaction: Berlin Museum


Berlin Museum - "Nefertiti Bust"

Now housed in a museum in Berlin, this limestone bust is a beautiful portrait of Nefertiti, the great royal wife of the Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten. Defined by Thutmose's artist workshop, it represents the embodiment of ideal female beauty for centuries.

In the Neues Museum in Berlin, one of the rooms contained only one exhibit. It was a blue crowned bust of an Egyptian queen. It was carved from a whole piece of limestone, and the outer layer was evenly smeared with plaster and painted Rich colors. That face is one of the most famous faces in the world, Nefertiti, which has been copied countless times and is always popular no matter where it is displayed. Nefertiti is not only the queen of Egypt, but also a changer. In her time, she is the most powerful woman on earth.