Giacometti Alberto - Quadriga

Artist: Giacometti, Alberto(1901~1966, Swiss superexistentialist sculptor and painter. Representative works include "surreal watch", "cage", "nose" and so on.)

Type: Sculpture

Material: Brass

Date: 1950

Colleaction: unknown


Giacometti Alberto - Quadriga

Giacometti is famous all over the world for his "stickman" image. These slender, skinny people symbolize the people who were devastated in the world war, and their inexistent limbs also question the meaning of people's survival. In "Two Wheels", a lady is standing on the car. People think that this is related to the artist's tough mother, and some people think it is a feminist work, but these speculations have not been confirmed by the artist.

The special thing about "Two Wheels" is that the artist explored the relationship between the originally "rolling" wheels and the static state of the sculpture. In 2014, another version of "Two Wheels" sold for 100 million US dollars.