Golden Bird - Constantin Brancusi

Type: Modern Abstract Bird Sculpture

Artist: Constantin Brancusi (Born in a peasant family in Hobita, Romania in 1876, died in Paris in 1957. Long-term activity in France. During this period (around 1913), influenced by Cubism and black sculptures, he began to make sculptures with simplified shapes. He chose only a few themes and used different materials to create. Recognized as the most original and important sculptor of the 20th century.)

Material: Bronze, wood and stone

Size: Height 218 CM

Date: 1928

Collection: Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

Famous Abstract Gold Bird - Constantin Brancusi

Brancusi was born in Romania and is one of the pioneers of modern sculpture. His works often have a sense of primitivism and simplicity, and seemingly simple sculptures contain a certain philosophy, such as his most famous work "Kiss". "Bird" is actually one of the series of sculptures. The entire series consists of 16 works, of which 7 are made of marble and 9 are made of copper. MOMA owns 2 bronze works in the series.

Regarding "Bird", it is not so much a representation of the image of a bird as it is a hint of aerodynamics-the curved shape can be seen as an arc drawn in the air when the bird is flying. This is reminiscent of Tagore's verse "The sky has no traces, but the birds have already flown."